Are you looking to refresh your home? Painting is such an easy way to do that! It’s also a task you can do yourself to save some money during custom home building. Painting walls is simple, and many people find it therapeutic. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the process easier and quicker though!


Check the Weather

Even though you’ll be indoors, the weather can actually impact painting. Humidity can cause paint to drip and slow drying times. That’s why you should avoid painting on rainy days. Try to wait for a dry day with low humidity and no precipitation. If you do paint on a rainy or humid day, just know it will take longer to dry so be careful not to glop too much paint on at once.


Prep Before Painting

A big mistake people make is that they dive right into painting without preparing the walls. Make sure you fix any cracks, flaking, or peeling areas before you pick up the brush. These can usually be fixed with some light sanding or scraping.  If you don’t properly prep beforehand your new paint job could end up peeling or looking uneven, meaning all the effort you just put in was for nothing.


Invest in Quality Materials

If you want a professional-looking paint job, you need the right equipment! Good brushes and roller covers will give you good coverage and make the painting process smoother. You especially don’t want to cheat out when it comes to the paint itself. A high-quality paint will go on smoother, look better, and last longer!


Take the Time to Cover Items

Anything that you don’t want to get painted should be covered and protected before you bust out the paint cans. Spread floor coverings, move furniture out of the way, remove light switches and socket coverings, and tape down baseboards. This will make sure the paint only ends up where it should be-the walls!


Go Top to Bottom

Once you’ve cut in your edges at the corners, ceiling, and baseboards, you should start painting from the ceiling downwards. This will prevent drips and splatters, which are often the mark of amateur painters. One can area is done, leave it to let it dry. Once a wall is fully dry you can go through and mark any spots that need touch-ups.


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