The living room plays such an important role in the home. It’s where guests are welcomed, kids play, and the families come together. That’s why it’s important to create a living room that works for your family, and that has good energy. If you’re a believer in feng shui, here are some useful tips on how to bring positive energy into your living room.


Do Pick Sofa Placement Carefully

No living room is complete without a sofa. It turns out, the couch placement is very important to feng shui. The sofa should have a “commanding position”, meaning that whoever is sitting on the couch has a clear vantage point of who is entering at all times.


Don’t Clutter Your Living Room

The central principle of feng shui is spatial harmony, meaning that the spaces in your home should have a purpose. A cluttered space will disrupt the energy in a room. Even if you don’t practice feng shui, cluttered rooms have been proven to have a negative impact on mental health and make rooms harder to use. So, make sure your living room is well organized and decluttered!


Do Pay Attention to Color

Color plays a role in our psychology, and in feng shui, it’s also important as colors represent different elements. Pick colors according to room direction, energy, and which of the five elements you need more of in the space. There are tons of tips online to help you with feng shui colors!


Don’t Have Non-Functional Furniture

Remember what we said about spatial harmony and usefulness? That applies to furniture as well. It’s hard to have good energy and feel harmonious with your surroundings if they’re full of pieces that don’t have a purpose. Intention is important to feng shui, so make sure all the pieces of furniture in your living room actually serve a purpose.


Do Air it Out and Embrace Light

A light and airy living room is key to bringing in good energy. If you can, incorporate large windows and light fixtures. Also, it’s important to air out your living room whenever possible. Nine is an important number, so if you can try to open the window for nine minutes. This will let bad and stale energy out, making room for new, positive energies.


Don’t Use Any Room

The location of the living room within the home is also important in feng shui. Ideally, the living room shouldn’t be in the center of the home as it can be hard for good energy to enter. It’s best to select a room that has two exterior walls with windows. Try to avoid having any facing doors as well, as this creates a tunnel for energy.


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