Having a well-designed, welcoming entryway can really change your entire custom home. It’s what will inform guests’ first impressions and what will greet you after a long day away from home. While many people think about things like foyer lighting or paint color, it’s also important to think about flooring. After all, your entryway flooring is close to the outside, so it’s important you pick something that looks good and is durable.


Here are the best and worst flooring options for foyers and entryways according to our custom home builders!


Best Flooring Options for Entryways



Most homes that you enter will probably have tile in the entryway. That’s because tile is durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. Tile is great for Toronto custom homes because it means you don’t have to worry about your snowy boots warping the floor during winter. Tile comes in many different materials, styles, sizes, and colors, making it easy to design an entryway that works with your entire home.



Vinyl has come a long way in recent years. LVP and LVT, luxury vinyl planks and tile, mimic the look of real wood and tile but are more affordable and durable. Vinyl flooring is super durable, waterproof, affordable, and comes in many different looks. Don’t worry about it looking cheap either. There are affordable options, but there is true luxury vinyl as well that won’t diminish the value of your custom home.



You’ll find real hardwood flooring on both the best and the worst portions of this list. Real hardwood is a great option for entryways because even if it does get wet and fade a bit, it can be resanded, sealed, and stained to look fresh again. Real hardwood is also highly desirable and will add value to your home. Since many people run hardwood through their living spaces, having it in the foyer means you can have continuous flooring throughout all living areas.


Worst Flooring Options for Entryways



There are two main options when it comes to faux wood and tile- vinyl and laminate. Both are durable, affordable, and come in various styles and colors. However, while vinyl holds up well to water and won’t warp if it gets rain or snow on it, the same can’t be said about laminate. Laminate can buckle and warp if it gets too wet, and unlike real hardwood, it can’t be refinished.



Even in homes that have carpeted living spaces, you’ll typically find tile or vinyl in front of the exterior doors. That’s because carpet might be the worst possible flooring option for entryways. A carpeted entryway will constantly get dirty from snow, rain, grass, dirt, and other elements from outside. Carpet is prone to staining, damage, and does not handle water well so best to skip it around your entry points.



As we mentioned, hardwood is both a good and bad option for entryways. The downside of having it in foyers is that it can warp if it gets too wet and it can scratch from things like sports equipment, shoes, and other items that may be carried through the door. While they can be refinished, that does cost money and time. If you do put hardwood in your Toronto home entryway, we highly recommend having a sturdy entryway rug that will protect the floors and try to avoid leaving wet boots on it.


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