Building a custom home is a long process, one that is both exciting and stressful. As the project nears an end, you’ll be eager to finally move in. One of the last things you’ll do before signing the build as complete is a final walkthrough. A final walkthrough is when you and your custom home builder tour the property to ensure everything is as you agreed upon. Once you both sign off, you’ll get the keys and be able to move in!


Many homeowners are so excited about the prospect of finally moving into their dream homes that they don’t do some crucial things during the walkthrough. This can result in lost time and money, so here are some crucial things to do during the final walkthrough of your new custom home.


Light Fixtures & Outlets

As you walk through each room, make sure to turn on every light switch and light fixture. The last thing you want to have to deal with in the middle of a move is changing a lightbulb. It’s also a good idea to walk around with a small lamp or fan and test every outlet. That way your home builder can fix any electrical issues before you move in.


Doors & Windows

Make sure you open and close all the doors in your home. Take note of any that are squeaky, don’t close all the way, or are too stiff. Most of the time these issues can be fixed with some simple grease. Also, be sure to open and close the windows to make sure they were installed properly.



Appliances are often the last thing to be installed, and sometimes in the rush to get everything done, things aren’t plugged in. When you inspect your kitchen, try out the appliances to make sure they’re in working order. Run the dishwasher, preheat the oven, open the fridge.


Faucets, Showers, & Toilets

Be sure to check your plumbing before you move in. Try each faucet to make sure the water pressure is good and look under the sink to see if there are any leaks. Do the same for each shower and tub. Don’t forget to flush every toilet as well to ensure nothing is clogged.



One thing you definitely should check during the final walkthrough is the HVAC system. Whether it’s summer or winter, be sure to run both the AC and heat. It’s better to make sure it’s all working before you move in because you won’t want to deal with that while living there.


Garage & Exterior

The final walkthrough shouldn’t end on the interior. Make sure you inspect the garage as well, trying out the garage doors and checking for any water issues. If you have a basement or any sheds look at those as well. Building a home can ruin your landscaping and yard, so take a quick walk outside and along your perimeter to ensure everything is up to your standards.


Walls, Ceiling & Trim

The good news is that most major things will already be checked before you even arrive for your final walkthrough. That means you should be looking for small things as well. Typically, during the final walkthrough, you may see things like paint touch-ups on walls and trim. Just point them out and carry tape or post-it notes so you can mark them as you see them.


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