custom luxury home details

When building a luxury custom home it’s easy to forget about budget and resale value. Resale value is always something to keep in mind so below we’ve outlined the best things to add to your custom home in Toronto to make your home unique but to also add value.

A. Adult Space

Designated adult space is important, especially if you’re building a custom home and have kids. The invasion of toys is inevitable, so when building your custom home talk to your architect about building a special, adult-only space. This can be anything from a library or an office. It can even just be an adult only seating room for your and your friends.

B. Basement

A finished basement adds possibility and additional square footage to a home. Even if you don’t use the basement for anything besides storage it’s still a great thing to have your architect add as it’s something that will boost the resale value if you ever decide to sell.

C. Closet Space

Closet space is vital, especially in a city like Toronto. Between the bulky winter gear and sports paraphernalia, homes have a tendency to run out of space quickly. Closets are a great place to store everything from a large walk-in closet in bedrooms, to linen closets in bathrooms and coat closets in the hall.

D. Dressing Room

Walk in closets in a master bedroom are standard- or at least they should be. If you want to go one step further in your custom home add a full on dressing room with benches, mirrors and additional clothing storage.

E. Ensuite

An ensuite bathroom in the master is one of the top things buyers look for in a home. It’s also one of the most convenient features you can add to your custom house. Even if you’re home isn’t the largest, talk to your architect about making one fit.

F. Fireplace

Let’s face it; it’s cold in Toronto. A fireplace is a great architectural design feature for custom homes. They add a focal point to rooms and provide heat during those cold, bitter Canadian winters.

G. Garage

Garage space is great, especially in a city like Toronto where street parking is so prevalent. When building your custom home, make sure to add a garage if you have space. Not only does it protect your car from the elements it also provides space for storage.

H. Heated Floors

There’s nothing worse than waking up and getting off your warm bed only to put your feet down on freezing cold floors. Think about adding heated flooring, not only in your bathroom but also in your bedrooms when building your custom home in Toronto. It’s something special for homebuyers but it also makes life just a little more enjoyable for you during the cold months.

I. Island Counter

There’s nothing better than an island in the kitchen for prep work and seating. Homebuyers love it and you will too. A new trend in custom home building is double kitchen islands or an exceptionally large one.

J. Jetted Tub

A jetted tub can take your bathroom from average to exceptional. They’re not that much more than the standard ones and not only do they sound great on real estate listings, they also up the relaxation factor.

K. Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the number one thing homebuyer’s look at in houses and it’s the place you probably spend the majority of your time. Look into adding upgraded appliances to your custom home kitchen and low maintenance counters like quartz, granite, and marble are always great.

L. Laundry Room

A laundry room is a great thing to add to your custom home in Toronto. One of the main floor or second floor is even better than a basement unit. There is nothing buyers or homeowners love more than a well equipped and placed laundry room.

M. Mudroom

Things can get messy during Canadian winters. A mudroom provides a place for your household and guests to take off their coats, boots or drop off items without dragging a mess through the house.

N. Natural Light

Natural light is one of the best things you can add to your home. High-quality windows and skylights are a great way of adding more natural light. It not only adds to the resale value but it also makes your home feel more open and bright.

O. Open Floor Plan

Open concept floor plans are the most requested and fetch the highest prices among buyers today. Talk to your custom homebuilder about working an open floor plan into your house.

P. Pet Stations

Pets are popular even in a big city like Toronto. Having designated pet stations will not only make your life easier but it’s also a unique feature for homebuyers. Whether it’s a pet washing station or a little nook under the stairs, talk to your architect about adding something special for your furry friend.

Q. Quality Materials

Quality materials not only last longer but they also sound better to potential buyers. There’s not point in spending all the money on cool features if you’re going to skimp when it comes to materials.

R. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is something to consider when building your custom home. It makes ceilings look taller and rooms look bigger.

S. Spa-like Bathrooms

A spa-like bathroom will make your life so much easier and relaxed. Separate tub and showers are popular today and features like heated towel racks and unique tile add value.

T. Trey Ceilings

Trey ceilings are a unique feature to talk to your custom homebuilder about. They add height, detail and charm to houses and buyers love them.

U. Updated Technology

No matter your design preference updated technology features in your home bring it into this century. Whether it’s simple features like USB ports in the outlets and mobile device controls or something even more technical like fingerprint scanners, updated technology is something to consider in your custom home.

V. View

A view is priceless. Whether you buy a lot with a view of the Toronto skyline or add some nice landscaping, a good view will add value to your home.

W. Wine Cellar

Who doesn’t love wine? A wine cellar is a hot new trend among custom homes and something to talk to your architect about if you have space.

X. E(X)-tra Unique Storage Spaces

Storage is super important when building a custom home in Toronto but it doesn’t have to be boring. Adding storage in unique and creative ways in a huge hit among buyers and will make your home stand out. Staircase bookcases and bike wall racks are only a few ideas to consider.

Y. Yard Space

In the GTA, outdoor space can be hard to come by. If you have it, make the most of your yard. Add some decking or even a fire pit. Talk to your custom homebuilder about adding some unique outdoor landscaping ideas.

Z. Zoning

When designing your custom home keeping zoning in mind. Certain neighborhoods or areas have building and construction restrictions. School zones are also hugely important to resale value.

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A. 成人空间


B. 地下室


C. 衣帽间


D. 更衣室


E. 套间浴室


F. 壁炉


G. 车库




I. 岛状吧台


J. 喷水浴池


K. 厨房


L. 洗衣房


M. 门厅


N. 自然光


O. 开放的格局


P. 宠物空间


Q. 高质量材料


R. 嵌入式照明


S. 水疗浴室


T. 三层屋顶


U. 与时俱进的技术

不管你的设计倾向是什么,与时俱进的技术可以给房子增加炫酷的现代感。 不管是简单到只是给电源上加一个USB插口,还是智能手机操作系统还是指纹扫描仪。现代科技是应该被考虑加进去的。

V. 视野


W. 酒窖


X. 额外的存储空间


Y. 院子空间


Z. 区域