add to your custom basement

The basement can often be a neglected space in a home. When building your custom home though don’t let that vital space go to waste. A finished basement, even a blank one, adds home value but why not do something more with it than use it for storage? Basements provide an opportunity to add something unique and enjoyable to your home.

Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are popular in custom homes right now. They’re a nice, custom touch to any luxury home. They work perfectly in a basement too as windows and natural light aren’t necessary for space. Wine cellars are a great entertaining feature and are a practical adult space, especially for the wine enthusiast.

Game Room

The whole family can enjoy a basement game room. Whatever game(s) you put in the basement can be a perfect place. Pool tables and ping-pong tables are always popular while some people go as far as putting in entire hockey rinks. You can go as far as installing a whole arcade with old-fashioned machines or stick to the classics with a poker table. There are countless ways you can work a game room into your basement. This is a great option if you want the space to function for people of all ages.


If you’re looking for a more lively option to a wine cellar consider installing a full bar. Bars in custom homes are great especially for people that love to entertain. This feature is commonly associated with the “man cave” but it doesn’t have to be exclusively that. Everyone, of age, of course, can enjoy a basement bar.

Home Theatre

Home theaters in the basement are a classic use of the space. The lack of natural light that typically plagues basements makes it ideal for a movie space. Talk to your custom home builder about installing surround sound speakers. You can opt for a large flat screen or go the whole mile and put in a projector. Comfy seating and a popcorn machine add the finishing touches to a basement space that can be used by everyone in the home.

In-Law Suite

Whether or not your parents or in-laws live with you installing an in-law suite or a guest suite, in your basement is a great use of the space. It adds tons of value to your home and it’s also an extremely practical use of the space. It provides enough separation and privacy for the long-term guest or person living there. A kitchenette and bathroom down in the basement are always useable even if the bedroom remains unoccupied most of the time.


If you have kids in your family consider putting in a cool playroom in the basement. It’s a simple solution to the noise and mess that often plague a playroom. You can add unique features such as playhouses or build it in theme after your kid’s favorite book. If you’re worried about safety and watching the kids while they’re down there put in a security camera facing the room that connects to your tablet or phone. Your residential homebuilder likely has a solution to all of your needs and concerns.

Home Gym

Getting the motivation to actually go to the gym is half the battle. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a place out of the way to have a home gym? A basement home gym is a great idea for people with a busy life. Consider adding a bathroom next to the gym to make showering after easier as well. You can even go a step further and make the whole thing more luxurious by making the basement bathroom have a steam show to help with the post-workout.

Hobby Room

Everyone has a hobby that would benefit from a dedicated space. Whether it’s woodworking or sewing, a basement hobby room is the answer to that problem. It provides space out of the way so you don’t feel obligated to clean up after the project. If your hobby is noisy the basement is also a great place to house it.

When building your custom home there are countless options when it comes to your basement. Use the space so that it best suits your needs. It’s the perfect extra space to answer your problems and get creative in. Whether you need it for an escape away from the kids or an escape for the kids, a finished basement can be a haven. Check out Pinterest and Instagram for idea inspiration. Talk to your custom homebuilder to see what architectural design you can work in down there. Contact Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design today to discuss designing your custom home.