marble countertop for luxury custom homes

A stone countertop is the top requested item in custom homes currently. They’re durable and practical as well as beautiful and luxurious. There are many different types of stone out there though from granite to marble, so how do you know which stone is right for you? It comes down to a number of different factors such as price, style, durability and current home interior trends. We’ve outlined everything you need to know to make an informed choice about which stone would work best for your family.



Pros: A Granite countertop has been popular in home designs in the recent years. They’re aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. They also come in many different colors and designs, which make matching it to the style of the home easy.


Cons: Granite has become a little less popular in the last year. Some people find the swirling design and flecks too busy. It’s also expensive as it’s a natural stone. Granite is also a porous stone, with tiny holes in it making it not as hygienic as other stones on the list.



Pros: A Quartz countertop is quickly becoming the most popular choice amongst builders. It is stain, scratch and heat resistant. It’s also much more budget friendly than marble or granite. Manufactured quartz can also be designed to look like marble without the cost or poor durability.


Cons: Quartz can be manufactured which some people find not as glamorous or luxurious. The man-made factor of it makes it seem less exclusive to those looking to build custom luxury houses.



Pros: Marble is a classic stone. It has come in and out of style but the good news is it’s back in. It screams luxury more than any other stone on this list. If you need a custom countertop, marble may be the way to go. Due to it’s softer state it’s easier to cut and fabricate into custom styles. The cool white and neutral tones of tans and grays make it a stone that can work in both traditional and modern spaces.


Cons: There’s a reason marble is equated with luxury- it’s extremely expensive. Like granite, it’s also porous and susceptible to chips, cracks, and stains.



Pros: Slate has an ultra modern look with its dark tones. It’s highly resistant to heat and doesn’t scratch, chip or stain easily. Slate is also one of the cheapest stone countertop options.


Cons: There are fewer color options with slate. It typically comes in shades of black, gray and brown. It’s also not an extremely popular stone currently.



Pros: Concrete counters are becoming more popular. They work well in rustic, modern or industrial style homes. With new technology, concrete can be sealed and smoothed to feel as luxurious as marble.


Cons: The look of concrete can feel too hard and masculine for some people. While there are stains and patterns available, the array of designs isn’t as great as it is with other stones. Some people also view the material to be not as luxurious as other stones.


Which to Chose?

There are so many choices when it comes to stone countertops. There are both natural and manufactured stones available in a variety of styles, colors, and prices. Talk to your architect about which style would work best for your home and look the best with your home architectural design.



优点: 花岗岩台面近年来在定制私宅中很流行。 它们很好看同时很坚固耐用。它们也有很多不同的颜色和设计, 这让它们容易搭配私宅的各种风格。

缺点:  花岗岩今年没有那么流行了。有些人觉得那些漩涡和斑点太繁杂了。花岗岩也很贵,因为它是自然的石头。花岗岩也是多孔的石头,因为它细微的孔洞使得它没有其他石头那么卫生。


优点: 石英石台面迅速在建筑商中变得流行。它不易污染,不易划伤,也很耐高温。它同时也比大理石和花岗岩经济实惠的多。 人工的石英石会被设计得很像大理石,同时花费较低,也比较坚固。

缺点:  石英石可以被人工制造,所以很多人觉得它不够奢华迷人。这种人工的因素使得它被制造奢华豪宅的时候被排除在外了。 


优点: 大理石是一种经典的石头. 它被有时候流行有时候过时,但好消息是它现在又流行起来了。它比这个单子上的其他任何石头都奢华。如果你需要一个定制的台面,大理石也许是一个好选择。由于它质地较软,易于切割且容易被制作成其他的定制样式。酷酷的白色和中性的棕色灰色使得它在传统和现在的房间中都游刃有余。

缺点: 大理石被等同于奢侈是有原因的——价格极贵。像花岗岩一样,它多孔同时又容易碎裂也容易弄脏。


优点: 板岩的深色调给它一种极其现代的感觉。它耐高温不易刮伤,也不容易有污点或碎裂。板岩也是一种非常便宜的材料

缺点: 板岩可选择的颜色很少,一般只有黑色、灰色、棕色几种。它现在也不是流行的石材。


优点: 混凝土的台面现在越来越流行。它们在粗犷、现在、工业风的家里很适用。通过新技术混凝土可以被密封并且抛光,看上去像大理石一样奢华。

缺点: 混凝土的外观对于某些人来说可能会太生硬太男性化了. 虽然有几种花纹和样式可供选择,混凝土的设计布局并不像其他几种石头那么好。一些人也会觉得这种材料不够奢华。



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