Architecture Firms

There’s a lot of information out there unfortunately, it’s not all true. When you’re building something as important, personal and expensive as a home you want to make sure you deal in facts, not myths. We’re setting the record straight on some common myths surrounding architects and architecture firms.


Myth #1: Architecture Firms are Unaffordable

There is a cost to firing an architecture firm, but often it’s not as expensive as you’d think. In some cases, hiring an architect can actually save you money. You’ll work together with them to set a budget that they’ll work within. An architect will also work on your behalf haggling and bargaining for the best prices on contractors and materials. Here at Sina Sadeddin Architectural Designs we also save you money by building green homes that will cut down your energy consumption and bills related to those costs.


Myth #2: Architects Make a Lot of Money

Oh, how we architects wish this was true. The truth is that architects make decent money but nothing outrageous. A few of the big names, the ones that design skyscrapers and such, make a ton but the rest of us probably make just as much as the clients hiring us, maybe even less, so there’s no need to feel intimidated or worry we’ll sneer at your budget.


Myth #3: An Architecture Firm Will Just Design

We’ll only just design if that’s what you want. Most of the time we fulfill the role of architectural designer, builder, and project manager. An architecture firm will draw your home, order materials, hire and manage contractors, and even decorate it if you want. Here at Sina Sadeddin Architectural Designs we’re a one-stop shop for all your home building needs and wants.


Myth #4: Architects are Only for Large Scale Projects

A lot of people think you only hire an architecture firm if you’re building a skyscraper or a building. The reality is that architecture firms work on projects from a small home remodel to large landmarks or office buildings. Some architecture firms specialize in certain types of projects, whether that’s large or small or residential or commercial.


Myth #5: Architects are Introverted and Weird

Some of us might be, but most of us are very outgoing. We have to be, between talking to clients, contractors, colleagues and distributors. Movies and TV shows have stereotypes architects into a certain role but the truth is most of us are the complete opposite of that stereotype.


Myth #6: All Architecture Firms are the Same

Architecture firms vary in a number of different ways. From experience to styles, there are no two architecture firms that are alike. Just because we have the same job doesn’t mean we would execute it the same. Ask an architecture firm what style they design in, their project experience, and what their experience and qualifications are.


Architecture firms are something to consider if you’re looking to build, design or renovate your home. Feel free to check out our projects and contact us for any additional questions.










谣言3 建筑公司只会设计



谣言4 建筑师们只会建造大型项目



谣言5 有些建筑师是又内向又古怪的



谣言6 所有的建筑公司都一样