Wood is one of the best materials to use in any custom home. It’s timeless, warm, and brings nature inside. While people are more adventurous these days with mixing patterns and styles in their homes, many are still puzzled when it comes to mixing different wood finishes. Having all matching wood furniture can make a room feel flat and dated, but mixing wood tones isn’t always easy. Here are some helpful tips from our custom home builders on how to blend different woods in your home like a pro!


Have a Dominant Wood

Think of wood finishes like any other colors you decorate with. Having one dominant wood as a starting point makes it easier to accent with other ones. If you have wood floors, this is done for you as that will be the dominant wood tone. Otherwise, pick the largest piece of furniture like a dresser or table and then build from there. Always consult your dominant wood when adding new wood tones.


Match Undertones

Undertones are so important when it comes to mixing wood tones. This is often the part people have the most trouble with. Make sure you know if your dominant wood is warm, cool, or neutral. That makes it easier to pick the right accent wood tones. Mixing warm and cool-toned woods can look great, but it’s much more challenging for non-professionals to balance. Sticking to one undertone is a foolproof way of mixing woods.


Here is a handy chart to help you figure out your wood undertones.


Play with Contrast

Contrast is one of the best ways to play with different woods. For example, if your floor and trim are all dark wood, balance that out with some lighter wood furniture. Or if your floors are light wood toss in a few light wood pieces to contrast against them.  Contrast will create depth and continuity in your rooms.


Break it Up

Wood is wonderful but there can be too much of a good thing. Break up your wood elements by adding rugs, artwork, non-wood furniture, or plants. Not only will this create dimension to your space and soften up all the wood, but it will also help all your wood tones blend better. The different wood tones will be less obvious if there are other elements at play in the space.


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