Red is the color of passion, but this vibrant hue is also one of the most challenging colors to work with because of how bold it is. It’s a polarizing color, one that can read cheerful and happy or angry and aggressive. If you love this bright color though and want to use it in your custom home, here are some tips on how to decorate using red that won’t have you seeing red.


Some Rooms Take Red Better

Before committing to a color like red, read a bit about color psychology. Red is a warm color that brings people together, it’s bright and stimulating, and it’s also known to make people hungry which is why so many food brands use it. Due to this, red is best avoided in places like bedrooms as it could make it hard to sleep. Red works really well in dining rooms, kitchens, powder rooms, and red front doors are even considered lucky in many cultures!


Explore Different Shades

When people hear “red” they often picture a bright vibrant shade. However, red can come in many different forms. If a bold, pure red is too much for your custom home, consider using a more muted shade like wine or maroon. These more toned-down red shades are less bold and stimulating, making it easier to decorate around.


Accessorize with it

Decorating with red doesn’t mean you have to paint all your walls that color or purchase big furniture pieces in red. Sometimes it can mean just tossing in some red accent pieces like pillows or decorative items. Red is a great accessorizing color since it pops no matter how small the element is. Red also works great with many other colors, so it’s easy to fit it into your design.


Make a Statement

Red is a bold color and sometimes it’s best to just embrace that! Rather than fight it, use red to make a statement. Paint a red accent wall, get a bold red piece of accent furniture like a sofa or cabinet, or even take the plunge and do a monochromatic red powder room. If you are doing a statement with red, make sure the rest of the room is balanced out with soothing, neutral tones.


Less is More

As we said, red is a statement color. Even if you love this color, it can be very stimulating so a little goes a long way. Less is definitely more when it comes to red. Try to limit how much you use it. Go for red walls or red furniture, but not both. If you do a red statement piece, balance it with neutrals or softer colors.


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