Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options in homes these days. They’re timeless, durable, and stylish. But in order to keep them looking shiny and new, homeowners have to keep up on basic maintenance. Taking care of hardwood floors is relatively easy, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Here are some tips from our custom home builders on how to keep your hardwood floors looking new!


Sweep & Vacuum Regularly

One of the huge advantages of hardwood is that it doesn’t collect dust and dirt as carpet does. That doesn’t mean it won’t end up on your floors though. Make sure to sweep and/or vacuum at least once a week, or more if needed. This is important because dirt and debris can cause scratches to the wood.


Use the Right Cleaners

It’s so important to use the right cleaners and products on your hardwood. You shouldn’t mop with traditional soap and water, nor do you want to use hard cleaners like bleach. Stick to specialty hardwood cleaners. Always read the bottle to determine if it’s okay for your floor beforehand.


Clean Up Spills

Hardwood is durable, but it is prone to staining and warping. That’s why it’s always important to clean up spills as soon as you can. If liquids sit for too long they can end up warping the wood, and if they’re something like red wine, they can even stain them. These issues are much harder and expensive to fix later on.


Use the Correct Mop

Not all mops are the same. Hardwood shouldn’t be cleaned with lots of liquid, so standard mops aren’t the best. Microfiber mops work best as they provide a streak-free polish. They sell specialty hardwood mops and brooms, so invest in some of those.


Polish them Regularly

The best way to keep your hardwood floors gleaming is to polish them regularly. If you have a wax finish, this still applies. You can either do this yourself or hire a professional. Just make sure to follow the directions carefully.


Final Thoughts

Hardwood floors are an investment into your home, so make sure you’re taking care of it. Even with the best care, hardwood floors will need to be refinished every 5-10 years, but you can extend this by following the tips above. Also try to avoid things like dragging furniture, pets with long nails, and wearing high heels on them.


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