Ever see drive past a home and think “Ugh, why would they do that?” If so, you’re not alone! There are a number of baffling, popular home design trends that both home builders and homeowners just don’t like. Here are some home designs that people really wish would fade from existence.


Front Curb Appeal Only

There’s nothing worse than a home that has a beautiful front exterior, with stone, rocks, landscaping, and more- only to have the other three sides be plain, boring siding. This is almost always a cost-saving design choice, but it’s one that people hate. While curb appeal does imply what you can see from the curb, and therefore the front of the house, many people’s homes are visible from the sides and back as well. Also, a lot of people spend more time in their private backyard than the front. If you can financially swing it, definitely invest in curb appeal for your home’s entire exterior, not just the front!


Multiple Roof Lines

A common mistake poor home builders make is trying to make a home look interesting by adding over-complicated roof lines. While some variations in roof lines can add depth and style to a home, too many can just cause it to look cluttered and poorly designed. Not to mention, the more rooflines and jogs you have in your home design, the more money it costs to build.


Lack of Storage Space

The rise of open concept homes has led to an unfortunate side effect- a lack of storage space. A lot of new homes built today lack things like broom closets for cleaning supplies, coat closets near the front of the door, and even pantries. Storage is a top concern for home buyers, especially in tighter homes in the Greater Toronto Area, so if you’re building a custom home be sure to invest in storage solutions.


Open Concept to the Max

Open concept has been a popular trend in home building for the past few years. While there are many benefits of having your main living spaces lead into one another, some builders have taken it too far with things like open-concept bathrooms (yup, bathrooms without doors are real things today!). Open concept works best when it’s limited to entertaining spaces like the kitchen, dining, and living room. Some separation is always a good thing as it reduces sound, provides privacy, and makes it easier to arrange furniture.


Too Smart Homes

House technology has been a rising trend in the past decade. While things like advanced security and sound systems are great, people are growing tired of having every aspect of their home be linked up. Not only does this require a bigger budget, but it can also be a security risk. A lot of people just don’t want a digital fridge, nor are they willing to pay extra for it.


Poor Fireplace & TV Layout

Whether you have one or not, every home needs a place for the TV to go. Unfortunately, many home designers decided that should be over the fireplace. While some people like having their TV over the fireplace, not only can the heat damage the screen, most people find them ungodly high which can cause neck pain. When designing your living room, make sure there’s a place someone could put a TV that’s not over the fireplace. Future home buyers will thank you.


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