Every year the major paint suppliers look at trends to determine the top paint colors of the year. As we great ready for a new year, let’s take a look at what colors will be popular in home design.



Sherwin-Williams: Evergreen Fog

After years of jewel tones and bright colors, Sherwin-Williams is embracing a more subtle, earthy-toned color in 2022 with Evergreen Fog. This soft and soothing green is perfect for those looking for a calming color after the past two years, which have been rough on most people.


“Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated wash of color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Evergreen Fog inspires us to begin again and is a great choice for modern interiors and exteriors.”



Benjamin Moore: October Mist 1495

Benjamin Moore also opted for a green color for 2022. October Mist is a whimsical, soft green that evokes nature. “Make room for creativity. Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist creates a canvas for other colors- and your imagination- to blossom.”


Green is often associated with healing and growth, as well as the simplicity and calmness of nature, making it the perfect choice for 2022, after the COVID-19 pandemic.



Behr: Breezeway

Behr is another paint color that opted for a soft green shade as their color of 2022. Behr announced Breezeway as their 2022 color which the company describes as “a relaxed and uplifting sea glass green. Bring a breath of fresh air to any space.”


“Breezeway naturally harmonizes with shades of white, grey, and natural wood tones for effortless style in any room.”



PPG: Olive Sprig

PPG also selected a green color as their choice for 2022, but opted for an earthier, sage green called Olive Sprig. PPG states that “this sophisticated grey-green represents healing, regrowth and resiliency post-pandemic.”


“Olive Sprig is a relaxed but enticing green that emulates the feeling of soothing aloe vera or a fragrant plant – brightening any space with organic liveliness. A versatile color that lives well inside or outside, Olive Sprig blends in with nearly any environment.”



Dunn-Edwards: Arts and Craft

Dunn-Edwards also embraced nature for their pick for the 2022 color of the year. Instead of green though, they opted for a warm, soft, sophisticated shade of brown called Art and Craft that channels the richness of walnut.


“Art and Craft is truly a down-to-earth color that signifies stability, comfort, and calm, a color that expresses what we all seek right now,” said Sara McLean, color expert and stylist for Dunn-Edwards, in a press release.




Instead of releasing one color, Pantone opted to announce 10 shades they see as trending in Spring/Summer 2022. These include Cascade, a gorgeous green-blue that’s “connected to cleansing waters, cools and refreshes”, Coral Rose a floral tone “whose energizing presence brings a sense of excitement”, Super Sonic a bold blue that is “electric in intensity”, Popcorn a buttery yellow that “radiated warmth to all who embrace it,” Potpourri a blush shade that’s a “lighthearted and carefree fresh pastel pink”, Bubblegum a vibrant shade of pink that “sends a message of playfulness and positivity, Fragile Sprout a shocking neon green which is described as “sharp and acidic, visually arresting”, Orchid Bloom a soft purple that’s “reminiscent of our heightened love of nature’s florals”, Sudan Brown an earthy shade that’s a “naturally rich earth-baked brown tied to the great outdoors”, and Coffee Quarts a “flavorful brown that touches on both the basic and glamorous.”