Custom Home Builders
Custom Home Roof Styles Explained
  Raise the roof, because it’s one of the most fundamental features of any custom home in Toronto. The roof is often a forgotten about element of a home, but it can make a massive impact. The style of roof, the shapes, the color, and the material can all influence the overall style and design...
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Vaulted Ceiling -Architectural Design
  When it comes to architectural design, it’s best to raise the roof. All jokes aside, when building a custom home it’s the details that set it apart from standard houses. People always consider the big items, but it’s wise to shift your attention upwards too. From intricate to simple details, architectural design features on...
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Planning Your Custom Living Room
  The living room can take many forms and function in many ways. Whether you want a formal seating space or a casual great room for everyone to hang out, there are a few things you should consider. When planning the layout and design features for a custom home, overlooking these crucial aspects can detriment...
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